Tuesday 27  Status of SOHO, GOLF, and g-modes


10:30-11:00 : Welcome coffee.

11:00-11:10 : Introduction  (L. Bigot)

11:10-11:30 : Michael Thompson 

11:30-12:00 : SOHO Status Update (B. Fleck)   


Lunch :  12:00-13:30


13:30-14:00  : GOLF status and long time-series (P. Boumier)

14:00-14:30   About the asymptotic g mode detection  (E. Fossat)

14:30-15:00   Fragile detection of solar g-modes  (H. Schunker)


15:00-15:30 Coffee Break


15:30-16:00  g-mode detection: the tale of two tails  (T. Appourchaux)

16:00-16:30  Gravity modes: Results, limitations and perspectives  (S. Turck-Chieze)


16:30-17:30  Discussion and working groups



Wednesday  28  Solar cycle seen by VIRGO, GOLF and others 


9:30-10:00  Total Solar Irradiance: What have we learned from the 23-years record from VIRGO  (C. Fröhlich)

10:00-10:30   22 years of VIRGO SunPhotoMeters(SPM) onboard SoHO  (A. Jimenez Mancebo) 

10:30-11:00   Amplitudes of Virgo low l p-modes over two solar cycles (Torben Leifsen)

11:00-11-20  coffee break 

11:20-11:50  Photospheric activity of the Sun with VIRGO and GOLF. Comparison with standard activity proxies  (R. Garcia)  pdf here


Lunch :  12:00-13:30


14:00 -14:30  Sun-as-a-star Helioseismic Observations from SoHO over a 22-year Magnetic Cycle: What have we learnt? (AM Broomhall/K. Jain)

14:30-15:00  A Helioseismic Perspective on the Depth of Solar Cycle Minima (AM Broomhall)

15:00-15:30 GONG p-mode parameters through two solar cycles (R. Kiefer)


15:30-16:00 Coffee Break


16:00-16:30 Solar Cycle Variations in Pseudomodes Frequencies  (K. Kosak)

16:30-17:00  Discussions



19:30-22:00    Workshop Dinner



Thursday 29 Discussions and working groups


9:30-11:00   Discussions and working groups

11:00-11-20  coffee break 

11:20-11:50  Discussions and working groups  


 Lunch :  12:00-13:30

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