The year 2018 marks the 22nd anniversary of SOHO spacecraft observing the Sun which has completed  two sunspot cycles. The instruments GOLF and VIRGO on board have collected an impressive  dataset of simultaneous radial velocities and photometry. These unique long term « Sun-as-a-star » measurements, almost continuous, greatly contribute to the revolution of the Sun’s knowledge by helioseismology.

The occasion of this 22nd anniversary is the right moment to meet and discuss about this unique mission and progresses made in helioseismology during the last two decades.  The workshop will be dedicated to the main topics of the mission: the solar activity and the study of the structure and dynamics of the solar interior. In particular we will take stock of our knowledge on solar dynamo modeling, irradiance,  and theory of magnetic effects on p modes. The workshop will also be the opportunity to discuss the recent claim of g-mode detection using GOLF data. This workshop is also a good opportunity to acknowledge and to honour people who played a key role in the preparation and developpment of the missions. 

Prospects in solar physics and future instrumentation, solar-SONG, and the links between Sun-as-a-star observations of VIRGO with Kepler/K2 TESS and PLATO will be also discussed.



The number of participants is limited to 50. No registration fee is required. 





SOC : Lionel Bigot (chair), Patrick Boumier (co-chair), Thierry Appourchaux,  Sacha Allan Brun, Thierry Corbard, Claus Fröhlich, Rafael A. Garcia, John Leibacher, Pere L. Palle, Sylvaine Turck-Chièze.

LOC : Lionel Bigot, Thierry Corbard, Catherine Renaud, Christine Delobelle, Sophie Rousset.


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